Maliba Trust

Colouring Competition 2017

The Maliba Community Development Trust recently held a colouring competition with kids from the local schools.

The schools involved were: St John’s Primary, St Felix Primary, St Dominic Primary, St Denis Primary and St Denis High School.

The competition ran for  a six weeks with two winners being chosen from St Dominic Primary and one winner from each of the rest.

IMG_20170720_0001 IMG_20170720_0002 IMG_20170720_0003 IMG_20170720_0004 IMG_20170720_0005 IMG_20170720_0006 IMG_20170720_0007

Seen above are the winning drawings and were decided upon by the Trust Manager, Esaia, together with Gary and Anne Homewood.

Winners, along with their respective teachers were treated to lunch at Maliba Lodge and were also awarded certificates for their efforts.



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