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May update from our Trust manager


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By Daniel Ts’osi, Trust manager (Writing in his second language)

The trust is now doing well with the projects and the clinic.

Vegetable project;

The trust has sponsored the Leribe Agricultural Skills Training Collage students,with the transport to do their internship program at six schools which also are sponsored by the trust for different projects. The students established vegetable gardens at those schools which are going to assist in feeding the children and sell some for income.Furthermore,to make work easier at schools,it has sponsored them with garden tools,all those six schools.

Water project;

The trust plan is to help schools with drinking water and irrigation water. Beginning of 2013,it help St Felix primary with 5000l water tank that captures water from the roofs,by assistance of Mrs Magie Day who was one of the peace corp volunteers.This year it has helped another school which is St Peters primary,with 5000l water tank which also captures water from the roofs for irrigation and drinking.Now the trust is left with two schools which are in needy for water.Those schools are Community secondary and St Dominic primary.

Chicken project;

The trust has sponsored the support group which is helping the vulnerable people like;orphans,widows and people that are affected by HIV and AIDS.It gave them money to establish chicken project and now they have broilers that they are going to sell them in Easter holiday as it is a good market.

Mobile clinic;

The trust has helped the local clinic to mobilise the health services to the local three communities.It has bought the mobile clinic which they use for health services.Clinic has three outreach centres for those communities.It started to operate on the 4th February this year.The people are very proud of it because now it is working very well as they always gather around it seeking health services and now they understand the dates and the days on which the clinic visits them.Also the nurses dedicate themselves when helping the people.For instance,yesterday they helped very big number ever at Tiping outreach which is 486 adults plus 29 children plus one eight day born infant who was born at St Denis clinic last week Wednesday!

What a big success.


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