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Nobody knows the troubles I’ve seen…

Behind the scenes of the trust, there are many issues faced that hinder delivering the projects. This is not something most charity based NGO’s will discuss often, but the Maliba Trust thought it important to give you an example of what type of issues we face.

Our Trust Manager, Daniel Tsosi wrote this report last week where he decided to test the newly repaired road for access with the mobile health clinic. Well, it’s better if I allow Daniel to explain it in his own words.

“Today after the meeting (between the trust and one of the communities), City and I drove to Kota to test and try if the road is good as I heard it’s finished. The reason was because if the road is good, on the 22/07/2014, it (the mobile clinic) is to go at Kota as it was meant to be in the beginning.

As we turn the main road, it seemed good and met problem on the bent/broken bridge, crossing Hlotse river. We crossed and we drove nicely to about 2.5km,where it was full of too much dusty and it was bit steep. The car wheels were spinning in the dust until it stopped. We tried three time until we gave up and turned around.

The road is nice, but problem is, they did not fill gravel so that the wheel can grip! It’s just too much fine sandy soil dust! Seriously, during rainy season,no car will be able to drive there as it will be too muddy! So,this means we will keep on stopping at St Denis on the 22/07/2014 and then, until the road and the bridge, are well fixed. Below here, are some pictures of the caravan crossing the bridge and of the road.”

– Note: my italics added

The mobile clinic and the broken bridge. Doesn't look to bad from here.

The mobile clinic and the broken bridge. Doesn’t look to bad from here.

On the other hand, the bridge is quite unsound.

On the other hand, the bridge is quite unsound.

As you can see, the remote location, difficult terrain, poor infrastructure and lack of resources means that many communities are quite literally isolated. This makes the work of the trust with their health projects just that much more difficult, but also invaluable for these communities.

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